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The Sustainable City’s Journey to Net Zero Energy

Dubai is famous for its innovative buildings and concepts – and infamous for having the world’s largest carbon footprint. It’s no secret that the city’s power grid can no longer sustain the demand of energy.This is why over the past few years there have been numerous green and innovative projects throughout the city that set out to help reduce the carbon footprint and heighten energy efficiency.

Many of those projects are set up by building companies that realise solar powered, energy efficient housing projects. Families are the largest consumers of energy, so the change needs to start there: they need to become aware of their energy habits by offering tools that give insights in their energy consumption and production. That way they can make sustainable changes in their behaviour to match their usage with their production.

Energy traffic controller of the home.

Smappee measures real-time solar energy production and energy use from household appliances, offering valuable insights into homeowner’s energy use & production. It’s the only energy monitor that can also submeter and tell exactly how much energy (a group of) specific appliances with various outputs such as ACs and ventilation, use(s). Smappee is compatible with the Smappee Switch and various IoT platforms such as Amazon AlexaNestIFTTT, etc. which allows the homeowner to automate activities or control appliances from a distance. These insights and possibilities allow users to make a sustainable change in their behaviour and save energy, money and the planet in a fun way without compromising on comfort.

Partner. City Solar AG
Country. United Arab Emirates
Industry. Sustainable building 

The Sustainable City is a 46-hectare property development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Situated on the Al Qudra road, it is the first net zero energy development in the Emirate of Dubai. The development includes 500 villas, 89 apartments and a mixed use area consisting of offices, retail, healthcare facilities, a nursery, and food and beverage outlets. Phase 2 of the development will include a hotel, school and innovation center.

The City’s objective is to become an international model of sustainable living, work, education and entertainment. It aims to provide all the amenities of modern life without compromising our ability to meet the needs of future generations. The City aims to redefine sustainable living by meeting the highest environmental standards. All 500 villas are saving CO2 thanks to energy efficient, solar power, making the villas as self-sufficient as possible. As a result, the homeowners were looking for tools to help them monitor their energy use and solar production and offer insights in their energy efficiency.

Smappee and City Solar AG, producers of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, taking care of all aspects of production have teamed up to offer home owners a Smappee to monitor the solar power they produce and the energy they consume. These insights make them aware of their power guzzlers, always-on energy and their own consumption habits. It allows them to try and match their energy consumption with the power production, allowing them to become more self-sufficient and reduce their carbon footprint. 

– Gained insights of energy usage and production – possibility to match them.
– Visualisation of energy intensity of the villas and the entire neighbourhood.
– Model for sustainable living.

Why Smappee?
 Unique offer in market.
– Platform includes PV production and consumption.
– Ease of installation and usage. 
– Widget based dashboard.
– Direct contact with manufacturer.
– Development potential by Smappee.
– NILM & submetering at appliance level.
– Users promoting a sustainable way of life.
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