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All-in-one EV charging solutions, with charging management and services

Open your charging park to public charging, and attract customers to earn healthy revenue with a Smartstop at your location. Be part of our growing network. EV Flash’s charging management platform takes care of all aspects of electric charging and helps you manage your electric fleet remotely and in real time. Want to learn more? Then discover our EV charging solutions and their benefits.

Charging management has never been easier

Do you have multiple charging stations on your property and do you want to open them up to the general public? No problem! Activate the all-in-one payment service for public charging stations at EV Flash Services. EV drivers can scan via their cell phone or swipe with most charging cards. The EV Flash smart charging platform lets you easily track and optimize all charging sessions within your charging park. Use the EV Flash Dashboard to monitor the details in real time and make your charging park even more profitable.

Set discounts and priority charging

With our EV charging solutions, you can easily manage your charging revenues. You can set various discounts and assign priority charging. This way, you can give priority to sessions initiated by selected EV charging cards. You can use whitelists to allow visitors and employees to use your charging park for free or at a discount. That way, everyone will be fully charged in no time.

Energy Managenment Solutions

Ready for the future

Our DC fast charging stations prepare you, your charging square and your company for the future. It does all this with the help of a smart energy management system. This way, you can optimize the energy consumption of your DC fast charging stations and perfectly balance your charging parking with your other energy flows. Monitor your power consumption and switch off your system when your employees leave for the day. Do you want to add more DC charging stations or have more control later? No problem! You can expand your existing installation at any time.

Put your EV parking garage on the map with our charging stations

Attract more visitors to your EV parking garage by increasing your visibility with online charging maps. This way, drivers of electric vehicles can easily find your charging stations and your EV parking lot. How? By making the locations of the charging stations in your parking lot visible to the public via our app or dashboard. This way, drivers who want to recharge their electric vehicles know how to find you and what your rates are. Need more help to operate your charging square? We want to support you as much as possible.

Everything you need in a single system

Our charging stations offer the smartest and most sustainable charging on the market. We provide free installation, and our installers provide quick and easy installation in your parking lot.

We offer more than just charging stations. With our e-mobility services for public charging, we offer you an all-in-one charging management solution.


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