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Business Charging

Take charge the real smart way

Our future-proof charging solutions for business smartly scale and grow with the needs of your fleet. Keeping you in control and helping your fleet charge at the best price.

The ultimate charging solution for any business

Smart EV Charging

Home Charging

Be confident to
start your day

Our beautiful home chargers are the perfect choice for everyday charging at home. Start lite and grow smart, or opt for smart charging right from the start, the choice is yours.

Energy Managenment Solutions

Energy Management

The future of smart
energy technology

Our modular energy management system makes it easy to accurately control and monitor the use of energy efficiently.

Ev Flash Public charging, host a smartstop

Public Charging

Host a SmartStop

Attract customers and earn healthy revenue with a Smartstop at your location. Be part of our growing network.

Home & Business Automation

Unlock powerful automations

Connect Smappee to your smart home & Business to get the most out of your workflows and automations.

Success Stories

Thanks to Smappee Infinity we have perfect insight into the electricity (solar, grid, generator) paraffin (gas) & water usage of our operation. As a result, we make immediate and calculated decisions than can potentially save us instant costs. We have a clear insight of how we should plan and schedule the operation of the supermarket. The data is easily accessible via the App and Dashboard.
Home owners are able to monitor the solar power they produce and the energy they consume. These insights make them aware of their power guzzlers, always-on energy and their own consumption habits. It allows them to try and match their energy consumption with the power production, allowing them to become more self-sufficient and reduce their carbon footprint.
Every office equipped with Smappee, employees have access to Smappee data, a constant reminder to think about their power usage habits. The office in Hue, have reduced their energy use by 50% during the energy efficiency week. The offices in the WWF Upfront program might start competitions to see who saves the most energy based on the Smappee data.

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