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Smappee EV One BUSINESS is a robust, floor-mounted charging solution designed for the dynamic needs of businesses. Its streamlined dimensions encapsulate power and efficiency, offering up to 22 kW charging through a type 2 connector. Though compact, it’s a powerhouse of functionality, compatible with separate energy management systems to optimize consumption analytics and efficiency. EV One BUSINESS embodies a blend of power, precision, and convenience, making it a preferred choice for businesses committed to seamless and efficient EV charging experiences.


  • Floor mounted
  • With socket
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1100 × 120 × 120 mm
  • Energy Management Available Separately
  • Smart device
  • Compact design
  • Status display through smart LED design
  • Simple follow-up via mobile phone application and desktop dashboard
  • Priorities per user
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Possibility of encryption with RFID security, so that only registered users can load
  • In combination with Smappee Infinity (Energy Manager)
  • Can be expanded to the desired number of charging points
  • Can be posted publicly with our public services
  • Customized advice and after-sales service

Get ready for the future with our EV chargers for businesses

  • Sleek award-winning designs. Our compact and sleek award-winning charging stations are our flagship products and provide a fresh and modern look to your business parking lot. Combine different models according to your business needs.
  • Cost-effective charging with solar energy or at the lowest rate. With Smappee business charging stations, you can make maximum use of your own solar energy for charging sessions. Or use as much electricity as possible at off-peak or even optimize for dynamic and capacity rates.
  • Sustainable energy for a sustainable company. A company that shows it cares about our planet has an advantage with (potential) employees and customers. By choosing sustainable products and investing in charging stations, you’re doing your part and complying with the latest standards.
  • Get your company ready for the future. Our modules and extensions allow us to easily and flexibly adapt to your requirements. Even if your needs change in the future.

Easy installation and use

Our charging stations are easy to use, and installation is quick and efficient. Charging stations for businesses and the accompanying energy management system can be installed in just a few hours and are immediately operational. The integrated LED light eliminates the need for additional wiring for lighting. Configuring the charging stations is easy via the app and dashboard.

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