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Smappee wins international design award twice with smart charging stations

Smappee EV One and Smappee EV Ultra awarded prestigious iF Design Award

In an impressive showcase of design and innovation, Smappee has clinched two esteemed iF Design Awards. Renowned for celebrating design excellence on a global stage, the awards recognized Smappee’s smart home charger, EV One, and the fast charger, EV Ultra, as standout products in the automotive category. Competing against roughly 11,000 entries, these victories underscore Smappee’s commitment to excellence.

Elegance Meets Efficiency

Smappee’s EV One and EV Ultra captivated the 132-member jury, comprising independent global experts, with their minimalist design and intelligent functionalities. These chargers are a testament to Smappee’s dedication to innovation, enabling users to charge their vehicles efficiently and sustainably by harnessing solar energy and capitalizing on variable pricing. The chargers’ design also reflects a commitment to sustainability, utilizing multi-recyclable aluminium in their construction.

The dual victories at the iF Design Award 2024 reinforce Smappee’s status as a frontrunner in merging aesthetic appeal with practicality, setting a new benchmark in the cleantech sector. If you’re interested in acquiring these award-winning EV chargers, get in touch with us.

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