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Save on your energy bill with capacity rate combined with a smart charging station

Charging your electric car with capacity rates without driving up your energy bill? Smappee’s smart charging stations spread the consumption of your charging session without exceeding the consumption peak of your capacity tariff. Want to know more? We are happy to explain the impact of capacity rates on your energy bill.

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What is capacity rate?

The capacity rate calculates a part of your utility bill based on your peak power consumption. Your meter records the highest peaks in your power consumption. Your power grid operator uses this data to calculate an average peak at which you pay. This way, consumers are encouraged to spread out their power consumption more and avoid overloading the power grid.

What does this mean for your electric car?

Make sure that your large electricity consumers don’t cause any unwanted peaks in power consumption. To do that, you’ll need a smart charging station to charge your car. Smart charging stations take into account the energy consumption in your home or building and optimally spread out the power consumption of the charging session to avoid peaks in consumption. This way, you can reduce your average power consumption peak and also lower your utility bill.

Smappee capaciteitstarief

Charging with capacity rate with a Smappee charging station

The user-friendly Smappee app lets you set a maximum power consumption peak. For example, you can enter a maximum energy consumption threshold of 5 kW. As soon as your total electricity consumption is in danger of going above that threshold, your Smappee charging station reacts by stopping your charging session or by temporarily sending less current to your electric car. This way, you keep your utility bill under control, even when you charge with capacity rate.


Charging without an increased power consumption peak with dynamic load balancing

Smappee keeps your power usage peak under control with dynamic load balancing. This intelligent technology comes standard in our smart home charging station. So, be sure to ask your installer about getting a smart model. Are you interested in company charging stations by Smappee? You can easily expand your installation with Smappee Infinity, our smart energy management system for dynamic load balancing at your charging station.

Control your power consumption with the Smappee app

Thanks to your smart charging station from Smappee, you not only get visibility on your charging sessions but also on all energy flows in your home or building. In the app and dashboard you can see detailed real-time and historical data about your energy consumption but also about your solar production. Via various automations and features, you can control your devices and optimize your consumption by, for example, setting a consumption peak but also by optimally taking into account the yield of your solar panels, dynamic tariffs and capacity tariffs. This is how you keep your electricity consumption and your energy bill under control.

Smart charging with maximum capacity threshold

  1. Assurance. Thanks to smart charging, you can be sure that your car will be charged without an increased power consumption peak. So, you don’t have to worry about increasing your utility bill, even with the capacity tariff.
  2. Smart savings. You can charge more cheaply by taking capacity rates into account when charging your electric car. This way, you can keep your energy costs under control.
  3. Future-proof. Capacity rates, renewable energy, dynamic rates … Our smart charging stations can do all this and more! With our smart charging technology, you’re prepared for all the current and future changes created by the energy transition.
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Reduce your utility bill

Do you want to charge your car without increasing your power consumption peak and your utility bill? With Smappee’s unique Artificial Intelligence, you can spread out your charging session, so you don’t exceed the power consumption peak of your capacity rate. This way, you save money without sacrificing comfort. Now that’s smart charging!

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The solution for smart charging with capacity rate

Did you recently buy a hybrid or electric car or are you switching soon? Looking for a charging station for controlled charging with capacity rate? Smappee charging stations allow you to charge smart, easy and worry-free at home. Your car charges without exceeding the consumption peak of your capacity tariff. In addition, you charge as cheaply as possible by maximizing solar charging, at the most advantageous dynamic rate or during off-peak hours.

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