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Smappee allows construction companies to comply with ISO energy standards.

Affordable accurate energy insights. The construction business is changing quickly. Reducing environmental impacts and improving energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Compliance with ISO standards is no longer just a competitive advantage but an absolute must to be considered for certain clients or projects. Monitoring and controlling energy consumption on construction sites not only has the…

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Smart Charging & Energy Management

Smart, seamless, and also sustainable. That’s the One!

The Smappee family of EV line chargers has just grown bigger and even more stylish with the addition of the brand-new Smappee EV One.  Joining the award-winning range of Smappee EV Line chargers, the EV One adds a new dimension to what is already the most intelligent EV charging out there. Design-forward Seamless minimalistic design is…

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How does Smappee forecast solar energy availability?

Many people are looking for ways to optimize their auto consumption. Meaning, they want to use all -or at least as much as possible- of their own produced solar power. That’s good for their wallet, the environment and it’s the way forward to facilitate the smart grid. Smappee users can use Smappee’s dynamic load-balancing technology and…

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How does Smappee enable auto-consumption?

A while ago we discussed the concept of auto-consumption and how it’s becoming more important in saving energy and enabling the decentralized smart grid. Many people with solar PV are looking into using energy management systems -such as Smappee- to get insights in and eventually also get control over their energy to optimize their self-consumption. And soon the…

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Up to 6 times cheaper EV charging with dynamic rates

More than just a charging station Do you want to charge your electric car as cost-efficient as possible? With Smappee you can, based on solar energy, off-peak, and now also, dynamic rates. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out what dynamic rates mean for your energy bill or contact us to view a…

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Energy Managenment Solutions

Cascade Overload Protection, safeguards the power grid of your business

Smappee Cascade Overload Protection is a unique new feature that allows businesses to enjoy a higher level of dynamic overload protection. This smart solution extends dynamic overload protection to all secondary fuse boxes in complex electrical setups with multiple levels of hierarchy, avoiding breaker tripping altogether. That’s not possible with typical dynamic load balancing. Charging…

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3 ways to submeter appliances.

Thanks to Smappee, you can access your real-time energy consumption and production data in several ways. What is more, the energy data can be available down to appliance level by submetering a specific appliance or group of appliances. Find out here how to get the most out of Smappee’s submetering options… Option 1: Submeter from…

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Smart and flexible customised energy management.

The Smappee Infinity system allows users to further optimise their energy consumption. The perfectly thought-out modularity ensures you can always adapt energy management to your own needs. Communication is the key word here. In this blog post, we will tell you which cloud communication modules are available and what their possibilities are. Two own gateways for customised…

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