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Why our EV chargers are the smartest

The world is quickly falling in love with electric cars, and with them, we need better ways to charge them up. That’s where “smart charging” steps in, and no one does it better than us with our Smappee  Electric vehicle chargers offering for home and Businesses. We are the wizards of the charging world.

What’s Smart Charging All About?

Smart charging is like having a magic wand that lets you control how and when your electric car charges up. It’s all about being smart with your energy, saving money, and taking care of your car and home. It’s a mix of computer brains and clever systems that work together to make this magic happen.

Why Go for a Smart Charger?

Our EV Charging stations are special devices that helps both regular folks and business people. It saves money, is easy to handle, and doesn’t need a ton of extra power to work.

Our Magic Touch
Here’s what makes our chargers truly magical:

Sun Power Boost

We love the sun, that’s why our Smappee electric charging stations uses smart tricks to get the most out of solar energy. This means your car and your home gadgets can run on sunshine. It adjusts in real-time to make sure you’re always getting the best.

Friendly Prices

Our charger’s clever brain always looks for the cheapest energy prices. It knows when energy is cheaper and uses it to charge your car, making sure it’s ready to go when you need it, without scary bills.

Made for Everyone

Different people, different needs. We understands that. Whether it’s one car at home or ten at a workplace, it charges each one just right, exactly when needed.

Safety First

Our EV chargers keeps an eye on the energy. It makes sure your home or office doesn’t get overwhelmed when the car is charging. This means no sudden blackouts and less money spent on setting up.

Know Your Energy

With Smappee Dashboard and App, you can see how you’re using energy. It’s easy to set up and helps make choices that save money and energy.

Ready for Tomorrow

Smappee is always learning. Through its cloud, new features and smart tricks are added. Your charger for electric vehicles grows smarter every day, ready for the future.


Smappee cares for our planet. Made from materials that can be recycled and packed in recycled cardboard, it’s as green as it gets.

Stepping Into a Smarter Future with us

In a world that’s quickly moving to electric cars, Smappee is more than an electric charger – it’s an experience. It brings together the latest tech in a way that’s easy for everyone. Every charge is not just about getting power; it’s about being smart, saving money, and caring for our planet. With our chargers, every plug-in is a step into a world where smart meets green.

If you’re looking for reliable, state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging stations, look no further. EV Flash guarantees quality, durability, and smart charging capabilities, aligning with the modern needs of EV owners and the environmental aspirations of our society.

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Interested in revolutionizing your EV charging experience? Reach out to us for a personalized quote. We are dedicated to offering customized solutions, ensuring your specific needs and preferences are met with precision and quality.

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