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Why Electric Vehicles are Safer Than Fuel Cars

Welcome to another enlightening piece from your trusted partners at Ev flash, where innovation meets convenience, and safety is not just a priority, but a lifestyle. Today, let’s uncover the untold advantages of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the context of safety and how pairing them with Smappee’s supreme charging stations makes for an unrivalled combo.

A Closer Look at the Safety Quotient of EVs

Combating the Fire Fear

Electric cars have remarkably diminished the fire-associated hazards, which often lurk around Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles. Studies and stats, including insights from Tesla’s Impact Report, illustrate that the incidence of fires in EVs is drastically lower than in their gas-guzzling counterparts. It’s not just about being eco-friendly; it’s about being safety-first as well.

Crash Protection like No Other

The architecture of EVs is a testament to engineering ingenuity. With batteries tucked safely low in the chassis, and a robust design termed the ‘skateboard platform,’ electric vehicles offer enhanced crash protection. The placement of these electric vehicle batteries not only contributes to vehicle stability but also acts as a safeguard during collisions, thanks to the high-strength casings enveloping them.

Handling and Stability – A Class Apart

The lower centre of gravity in EVs, courtesy of the ingeniously placed battery packs, equates to improved handling and stability. With an optimal weight distribution and inherent traction control, EVs redefine the driving experience, making it safer and more controlled.

The Weight Advantage

While the hefty battery packs contribute to the overall weight of EVs, this ‘heaviness’ is a boon in the event of collisions. The laws of physics are unequivocal – in a collision, a heavier vehicle offers enhanced protection to its occupants.

UAE’s Affinity for EV Safety

In a world that’s rapidly veering towards sustainability, safety and environmental preservation aren’t mutually exclusive. The UAE is at the forefront of this green and safe automotive revolution, with regulatory frameworks and incentives that are as friendly to the electric vehicle owners as the vehicles are to the environment.

Evyflash – Your Safety and Convenience, Amplified

Now, as we revel in the remarkable safety features of EVs, let’s not forget the pivotal role of an efficient, reliable, and convenient charging system. That’s where Evyflash swoops in with grace.

Our Smappee home and business EV charging stations aren’t just about fuelling your green drive. They are meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into your safety-conscious lifestyle. With features prioritizing both operational efficiency and user safety, a Smappee charging station is the silent custodian of your peace of mind.

Embarking on the EV journey is not just a step towards a greener earth but also a stride towards enhanced safety. And with Evyflash at your service, rest assured, every Smappee charge is not just a boost to your EV’s battery but a reinforcement of the safety cocoon enveloping you and your loved ones.

Contact us for a quote, and let’s build this sustainable future together, one charge at a time.

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